A new way to monetize your mobile apps.

No ads. No interruptions.

Introducing a new way to make money on mobile. It's ad-free, privacy-secure and financially rewarding for your mobile app business. Get started today
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  • Huq Industries Partner Program

    A new way to monetize your mobile app

    Grow your mobile app revenue without ads or in-app purchases. Huq's Partner Program pools your Real-world customer panel data with apps from across our network. Share in revenue generated by the sale of anonymised, trend-level market intelligence reports. It's friction-free and privacy-secure.

    Understanding how it works

    How Huq earns revenue for your app

    Huq's Real-world Analytics platform measures mobile audiences' real-world likes and interests to build highly valuable market intelligence reports. Enterprise clients from a range of sectors pay to access anonymised market insights, enabling Huq to pay you.

    Partner Perk! Partner Program members get access to Real-world Analytics on their own app audiences - for free! Discover how Real-world Analytics can help bring you closer to your users.

    Huq Industries | News & Views
    Huq Industries on the contextual power of real-world Wi-Fi captured location ...
    7 November 2016

    Cate Trotter writing in Insider Trends on how Huq Industries offers app publishers and app users a new value exchange though ad-free app monetisation. Published on Insider Trends on November-07 2016. Head over ... read more.

    Revealed: Working in Startups is Good For You
    24 August 2016

    Original research from Huq Industries' panel network of 1,150 apps around the globe reveals startup workers' work-life balance, and how that compares to industries including Lawyers and Pub... read more.

    How Office Workers Reacted To UK Referendum News
    18 July 2016

    Original research from Huq Industries Real-world Intelligence Network showing how office workers and other professionals reacted to the news emerging on Friday 24th June 2016 that Britain had voted to leave the E... read more.

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